Emy Tseng


"...fine rhythm, impressive grasp of harmony and a clear, attractive voice... Every syllable radiated joy..."

"a fresh take on Brazilian jazz... Her voice exudes both cool and clarity."

"“Sonho” (Dream) is the quietly effective result of her love affair with the Brazilian way of hearing and interpreting music. But “Sonho” also contains an easy Brazilian feel for standard/traditional tunes."

"On Sonho, rhythms are lightly shaken and stirred in places with the sound of an electric piano, acoustic guitar and soprano sax. Tseng's voice is as delicate as the breeze."

"Her voice is Gilberto styled in its soft tones, and it fits perfectly with samba material..."

"The lithe support by acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion by a rotating team makes the music sparkle like morning dew..."

"...the result is an exquisite bossa nova portrait delivered by a talented artist with a marvelously understated, yet appropriately passionate approach to the robust material."

"Tseng possesses vocal restraint and a delicate delivery that is elegant, beautiful—and passionate...Tseng's ability to translate emotion from foreign language is superb. Her intonation and phrasing are deadly accurate across the date."

"... Emy Tseng is real.  A remarkably clear voice. An adept student working hard at her craft. More than that, a gifted artist starting on a long path."

"Sonho marks both her recording debut and as one to watch in the Brazilian jazz category."

"...she has the charm, knowledge, technique, and creativity to make her a real contender."

"Sure of pitch and full of nuance, she really gets Brazilian rhythms, and vivaciously gives them their due." 

"Though wistful at times, Sonho is mostly warm and sunny -- the perfect January disc to drive the cold winter away."

"every cut of Sonho swings with pronounced vibrancy."

"...Tseng's careful attention to her art and craft, every note perfect"

"an old school authenticity... an expressive presentation that is raw, organic and honest "
"Easily 4 out of 5 stars!"